What can I do if I believe the value of my property is too high?
Appealing Your Notice of Value
Appeal the "notice of value" for your property that you receive in the spring by contacting the County Appraiser's Office within 30 days from the date the notice was mailed. Once you appeal your notice of value, be certain that you pursue it to your satisfaction. You will not be allowed to Pay Under Protest later for the same property and tax year.

Appealing by Payment Under Protest
Complete and file a payment under protest form with the county treasurer at the time you pay your taxes. Whether you pay half or all of your taxes, you must file this form by December 20. If your taxes are paid in half or in full by an escrow or tax service agent on or before December 20, then you have until January 31 of the next year to file.

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1. What can I do if I believe the value of my property is too high?
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