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August 17, 2021 11:46 AM

Highway 24 and Green Valley Road Construction Update 6-15-22


The left eastbound and westbound lanes of Highway 24 have been reopened. The full length of one of the left turn lanes for eastbound Highway 24 at Green Valley Road has been opened as well.

Traffic on Green Valley Road has been shifted...

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Latest Update:

June 16, 2022 2:08 PM

Here is a summary of work that has been completed and items that remain on the Green Valley Road project.

The existing eastbound Highway 24 left turn lane has been lengthened and an additional eastbound left turn lane has been created, although it is not yet open.

Highway 24 median work has been completed, however, there is an issue with ponding. Designers are working on a solution to be completed prior to opening the inside eastbound left turn lane.

The westbound Highway 24 right turn lane into Farmers Drive has been completed.

The frontage road behind Farmers State Bank and Prairie Hawg Cycle & Leather has been completed and is open to traffic.

Dempsey Road has been overlaid and will receive final pavement markings at the same time Green Valley Road pavement markings are installed.

Final programming of the traffic signals is dependent on the pedestrian portion of the signals being installed.  The pedestrian portion includes push button stations installed on bases that mount on sidewalks that are not yet installed.

The contractor’s schedule for other projects affects their time on the Green Valley project but they anticipate completing this work in July.

The contract has a final completion date of August 1, 2022, after which the contractor would incur liquidated damages.