Illuminated Signs

New illuminated signs in the Blue Township Sewer District require an electrical permit and work done by a licensed electrical contractor. For more information, please contact the Office of Planning and Development.


The governing body and planning commission of Pottawatomie County finds that unregulated proliferation of signs result in visual clutter; harmful to aesthetics and property values. It contributes to traffic hazards and is not productive to the goals of community development. It is the intent and purpose of the sign regulations to establish a level of visual quality for signs by limiting the type, place, size, manner, height, and materials of sign and advertising devices in Pottawatomie County. Minimum standards to ensure traffic safety, safeguard life, health and property values, and guidelines for the maintenance of sign structures are established in the Unified Development Ordinance for Pottawatomie County.


Sign Permit is required prior to erecting, replacing, or painting a sign. Applications for sign permits can be obtained from the Office of Planning and Zoning for a fee of $25. Two sets of plans drawn to scale indicating the sign locations, size, type, materials, method of illumination, colors, and general layout must be submitted. Signs shall be constructed of permanent materials permanently attached to the ground or building. Signs shall be maintained in good and safe condition.

Off-site signs including billboards shall bear the name and address of the sign owner. No part of a sign may be located, or extended into a public right-of-way, or create a traffic hazard. Signs in violations of this may be removed by the county or state.

General Regulations

Please check with our office for the maximum size and height for each zoning district. Billboards may be placed on land zoned manufacturing or commercial along highways and Military Trail Road. Only single pole signs are permitted and any billboard must be located at minimum distance of 1,000 feet from another billboard.

Prohibited Signs

  • Attached Signs - A sign attached to any tree, fence, another sign, or utility pole, except signs issued or properly posted by a utility, authority, or rural use

  • Portable Signs - A sign which is capable of being carried, wheeled, or moved from one location to another, except that a temporary permit may be issued for construction signs, entertainment events, or to businesses for a maximum of 30 days in any one year
  • Flashing / Blinking Signs - This type does not include digital readout devices
  • Rotating or Animated Signs
  • Abandoned or Unsafe Signs

Neon or signs painted on billboards will be under a special review.

Exempt Signs

  • Signs erected by a city, county, school districts, state or federal government

  • Off-site signs erected for public information, safety, or direction by any utility, authority, public service district, or construction company
  • Temporary signs (not portable) such as real estate, political, or auction
  • In residential areas, signs for the sale of items for no more than 30 days in any 1 year