This page is for informational use only and should not be substituted for the Unified Development Ordinance of Pottawatomie County.


A subdivision plat is a scale drawing of a division of land showing the boundaries of the lots created. A subdivision plat contains:

  • A legal description of the property
  • Lot numbers
  • Other special notes
  • Signature blocks for the staff and officials
  • The location of any public right-of-way and easements
  • The name of the subdivision
  • The name(s) of the property owner dividing the land

Platting enables a landowner to divide property in a manner that is efficient, environmentally sound and compatible with the county's existing or planned development pattern. The subdivision of land and accompanying dedication of street right-of-ways create a lasting impact on the county's overall development potential.

Plat Variations

Preliminary Plats

A preliminary plat shows the proposed layout of the subdivisions and includes information on the existing physical features found on the property such as buildings, floodplain, vegetation and topography. Once the preliminary plat is completed, submit 5 copies of it to the Director of Planning on regular quality paper; either 18" x 24" or 24" x 36". The plat will be reviewed by the staff and the Planning Commission. Any notations, variances and/or changes must be done before the applicant can proceed with the final stage.

Final Plat

Once the preliminary plat is approved, the final plat shall be submitted to scale on Mylar with the required data. Once signed by staff and officials, the final plat is then recorded in the Register of Deeds Office. A copy of the paid tax statement for the property being platted must accompany the plat. The final plat, filed with the County Register of Deeds serves as a legal record of the newly created land divisions.

Time Frame

The process for a preliminary plat generally takes from 30 to 60 days, but may be as long as 90 days. If the land has to be rezoned before it can be platted, that may take additional time. In some cases, the platting and zoning may be handled at the same time. The Pottawatomie County Planning Commission meets on the 3rd Thursday of each month in the Sunflower Room.

Additional Requirements

Public Water / Sewer

If there is a rural water district within 1/2 mile of a proposed subdivision, it is required to hook onto rural water unless the rural water district states that it is not feasible to do so. If the proposed subdivision is within the county sewer district, it is mandatory to hook onto the public sewer system.


It is the responsibility of the developer to install all interior roads up to county standards before any building permits shall be issued. A set of road plans is also required. All residential lots must have access to a public road. Corner lots shall have equal setbacks. Flag lots are prohibited.


Developers are required to provide the county with some sort of assurance(bond, a letter of credit, special benefit district) that will cover the cost of all infrastructure.