Flint Hills Joint Land Use Study


The Flint Hills Joint Land Use Study (JLUS) is a collaborative study conducted by city and county officials, local residents, key stakeholders, and Ft Riley to identify compatible land uses and growth management guidelines near the installation. 

The first JLUS was conducted for Ft Riley in 2005. Since that time major changes in the mission and operating environment of Ft Riley have occurred. The JLUS will assist in ensuring that growth continues to be compatible with the mission of Ft Riley. 

Although Pottawatomie County's involvement was relatively minor, the JLUS has opened up grant opportunities for plans and studies within the Green Valley Area including a new neighborhood plan and transportation thoroughfare plan. 

JLUS Title Page

The Plan

The full Flint Hills Joint Land Use Plan is available online. However, due to the large size of the document, the component chapters have been broken out below.