Online Services


Below is the list of common County services that can be performed online, over the phone, or by mail. If you have any questions about whether or not a particular service can be performed remotely, contact the office where that service is performed. If you don’t know the office, contact Administration

Treasurer’s Office

Office Web Page

Car Tag Renewal

Call for information about car titles, lien releases, and paying taxes remotely - 785.457.3681

Utility Billing

Sewer Bill Payment

Clerk’s Office

Office Web Page

Register to Vote

Advanced Voting

Change of Address Form

Open Records Request

Health Department

Office Web Page

Call for information about making payments remotely - 785.457.3719

Register of Deeds

Office Web Page

Contact the office for information about services that can be provided remotely


Office Web Page

Custom Map Request

Online Maps

Environmental Health

Office Web Page

Facility Inspection Application

Health Permit Application

Registered Installer Application