Ongoing Projects

Below is a list of projects that are currently or scheduled to be brought to the County Commission, Planning Commission, or Board of Zoning Appeals. 

To view information about each project, click the below links. To provide public comment in advance of the hearing, please create an account with our development portal or click the link labelled "Public Comment". 

East Manhattan Gateway Plan

The City of Manhattan is conducting a comprehensive study of the Green Valley area as an update to the 2015 Manhattan Urban Area Comprehensive Plan.

The study area consists of the Green Valley area of Blue Township roughly from the McCall Rd area east to Hopkins Creek Rd and north to Mt Zion Rd. You can access more information at the City's website or check this page for more updates.


The City of Manhattan and Pottawatomie County are currently looking for individuals to join the Community Advisory Committee for the East Manhattan Gateway plan. Both entities are looking for individuals who live and/or work in the Green Valley area who can provide a diverse mixture of backgrounds and experiences to help inform the plan as it is developed. 

Interested individuals can find out more information and apply to join the committee using the links below. 

Information on the Community Advisory Committee

Apply to become a member

Public Hearings

  • 597-23 - Amendments to the Unified Development Regulations
    Proposed Changes: Annotated UDR with Changes (proposed changes are highlighted) Explanation of Changes
    Current UDR: Approved UDR
    Hearing Date: July 20, 2023 7:00 pm
    Planning Commission Recommendation: Approval
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  • 595-23 - Conditional Use Permit - Rock Quarry
    Location: Southwest corner of Reves Rd and Wheaton Rd
    Applicant: Mid-State Materials
    Request: Conditional Use Permit for the purposes of operating a rock quarry
    Action: Tabled to August 17, 2023 PC Meeting
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  • 591-22 - Solar Farm Amendments
    Public Hearing Date - November 17, 2022
    Action - Recommend no changes to the UDR or Comprehensive Plan, and voted to recommend a permanent moratorium
    County Commission Meeting - TBD