Green Valley Area Plan


The Green Valley Area Plan is a joint effort by Pottawatomie County, Kendig Keast Collaborative, and the Kaup Law Office through funds provided by a grant from the Ft Riley Joint Land Use Study.

Through the steering committee, town halls, surveys, and focus groups, the Plan will create a long-term vision for one of the fastest growing areas of our region. Through the Plan, the County will begin the process of developing strategies to provide desired services to this area in a high quality and cost efficient manner. 

The last plan for this area was done in 1992 shortly after the Blue Township Sewer District was created. Since then, more than 1100 new homes and 50 new businesses have been created in this area. 

A new vision that reflects the needs and wants of this area is needed, and we hope you will join us in creating it.  


Questions or Comments about the Green Valley Area Plan

If you have any questions or comments about the Governance Plan or Land Use Plan, please feel free to leave them HERE.

We will try to answer any questions as we receive them, or at the Town Hall Meeting scheduled for February 5 at 6.00pm.

Governance Plan

Green Valley Area Plan Steering Committee

  • Doug Springer
  • James Kozak
  • John Adam
  • Jurdene Coleman
  • Karla Hagemeister
  • Michael Heigert
  • Dee McKee
  • Fred Rothwell
  • Jenny-Sue Heyward
  • Jerry Reynard
  • Steve Kirby