Storm Water Management

Pottawatomie County is in the process of adopting a Storm Water Management Program.  Below are several resources about our program.

Questions & Concerns may be addressed to:
Kyle Minton
Pottawatomie County Public Works
612 E. Campbell Street
Westmoreland, KS  66549

Storm Sewer Map of MS4 permit area.
This storm sewer map of MS4 permit area shows all storm water management assets, which include open conveyances (i.e. trench drains), inlets, outlets, manholes, other connection nodes, and ponds (i.e. detention basins. The MS4 permit boundary is shown, as are waters of the United States that receive discharge from outlets in the permit area.

KDHE Individual Lot Certification Form
Transfers SWPPP liability of individual lot from developer to contractor/owner

Stormwater Pollution Prevention information for Residents