Real Estate

County Levy Sheet

Special Assessments

Special assessments are added to some property tax statements to pay for streets, sewer, and water.  If your property has special assessments, you may find out when the specials will end by clicking on the link below.  Some special assessments may be fines from mowing or other fines that were not paid in a timely manner.

Assessed Values

The County Clerk’s office works with assessed values after receiving the appraised values from the County Appraiser’s office. Assessed values are a percentage of the appraised value based on the property classification. The calculation rates are as follows:

Residential 11.5%

Commercial 25%

Agricultural Land 30%

Agricultural Improvements 25%

Vacant lots 12%

Non-Profit Organization 12%

For example:

If your home is appraised at $150,000 by the County Appraiser, the assessed value would be $17,250 (150,000(value) x 11.5%(assessed rate) = 17,250

To figure taxes:

Multiply the assessed value by the mill levy for the location of the property. (17,250(assessed value) x mill levy = *******. Multiply that number by .001 to get the estimated taxes.