Building Permit Applications

Check to see what zoning land use and flood plain regulations apply to the property. Contact the Planning & Development Office for information. 

Contact the County Sanitarian’s Office to determine the proper type of waste water system for the property. A consultation on site may be required to assure the location of the system meets the required setbacks and does not conflict with the location of the structure.

Contact the Public Works Office for driveway entrance approval. 

• If building in a subdivision, be sure to check the plat for controlled access. Some plats prohibit access to the County road and only allows access to an interior road. Obtain a building permit application from the Planning and Development Office.

• Fill out all applicable areas. Incomplete applications may delay the processing of the permit. Please include your phone number in case we need to contact you.

• Check with the Planning and Development Office for building setbacks and / or easements on the property and what permit fees apply (if any).

• Be sure to sign the application and enclose a check (if required) for the permit fee.

• If you are building in a subdivision that requires the plans be approved by the developer or homeowners association, obtain the appropriate signature(s) on the back of the application. There may be private covenants imposed by the developer that affect your property.

• A site plan showing the location of all proposed structures to be placed on the property, is required on smaller lots / tracts. If building within a County operated sewer or water district, there are additional applications and fees to be submitted.

Contact Information
Planning & Development Office (Building Permit, Zoning, Flood Plain) 785-457-3551
Public Works Office (Driveway Entrance) 785-457-3685
County Sanitarian (Environmental Health Permit) 785-457-3397
GIS Office (Mapping, Aerial Photos) 785-457-3337
Register of Deeds (Deeds, Plats, Covenants) 785-457-3471