Kudzu Information

Kudzu-SeedlingKudzu-LeavesKudzu-purple flowerKudzu-Blue Flower
(Pueraria lobata)

Extremely aggressive, semi-woody perennial vine

            *Prefers full sun
            *Any soil type
            *Forest edges
            *Abandoned fields
            *Disturbed areas

            *Fragrant, purple (or blue) upright or hanging clusters
            *Produced in late summer
            *Plants in northern climates bloom infrequently, or not at all

            *Brown, hairy and flattened seed pods
            *Up to 10 seeds per pod

            *Up to 30 vines from a single crown
            *35-100 feet long at maturity
            *1/2"-4" diameter
            *Stems can root at nodes
            *Vines can climb vertically 50 feet

            *Tap root: 7" diameter, 6 feet deep-can weigh 400 pounds
            *Rhizomes and stolons
            *Lethal temperature for roots: -25 degrees

Growth and reproduction:
            *Prefers mild winders (40-60 degrees), hot summers (above 80 degrees) and at least 40" of
             precipitation per year
            *Vines can grow 1 foot per day, 60 feet per season
            *Reproduces primarily by rhizomes and stolons, also seed.

            *Frequent mowing/cutting/pruning to deplete carbohydrate reserves
            *Grubbing/digging: must remove all root material or regrowth can occur
            *Herbicides: glyphosate, mesulfuron, picloram, triclopyr
            *Cut first, then treat stump or foliar regrowth

            *Dense foliage shades other plants
            *Vines can girdle trunks and stems
            *Weight of vines can topple shrubs, trees, power lines etc.