Quackgrass Information

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(Agropyron repens)(Elymus repens)

Aggressive, perennial, cool season grass
Distinguished from other grasses by its prominent pale yellow or straw-colored rhizomes with a tough brownish sheath at every joint.

            *Open areas, moderate to high nutrient levels
            *Crop fields
            *Grazed pasture
            *Sod farms
            *Old fields/home sites
            *Wet prairies
            *Riparian corridors   

            *June through August

            *Average 25-40 per plant
            *Viability: 2-4 years

            *Growth initiates in April/May
            *New rhizomes form at soil surface
            *New rhizomes form apical buds in June/July
            *Established rhizomes normally dormant June through August

Growth and reproduction:
            *Optimum temperatures for growth: 68-77 degrees
            *Temperatures below 35 and above 95 inhibit growth
            *Rhizome growth is triggered at 50 degrees, plus 18 hour photoperiod
            *Majority of rhizome growth occurs in the top .75"-4" of soil, some as deep as 16"

            *Tillage in the spring at 2" height for minimum 2 years
            *Close mowing or grazing prior to tillage
            *Consistent spring burning
            *Herbicides: fluazifop, glyphosate, sethoxydim

            *Aggressively competes for light, nutrients, and water
            *Highly allelopathic, capable of forming monocultures