Snow Removal Legal Issues

It shall be the policy of the Public Works Department to repair or replace only those mailboxes that are properly installed outside of the road right-of-way and have been damaged due to direct contact with the plow.

Mailboxes will be temporarily repaired as soon as possible, with permanent repairs usually being done at a later date, depending upon weather. Replacement mailboxes will consist of a generic, standard size metal mailbox mounted on a wooden post.

Pottawatomie County will not assume responsibility for mailboxes damaged from moving or piled snow. Plow operators make every attempt to get close to mailboxes to provide access for the Post Office, but final clearing is the responsibility of the resident.

Turf Landscaping
Landscaping and lawns, including but not limited to shrubs, trees, inanimate objects, etc. which are installed within the right-of-way will be the responsibility of the owner and the owner assumes all risk of damage to such items.

The county cannot reasonably control drift or discharge of snow and / or shoulder materials from the snowplow into roadside ditches and lawns. The county will not be responsible for the removal / repair of any shrubs, yard ornamentation, turf or landscaping, should materials inadvertently cast into adjacent lawn areas by the plow.

Snow removal will unavoidably deposit snow along the shoulder of the road, including across driveways. The Public Works Department assumes no responsibility for the removal of snow deposited in driveways as a result of normal snow removal operations.

The county will not clear driveways. Furthermore, the county cannot provide exact times that a certain road will be plowed.

Stranded Vehicles
It is the policy of the Public Works Department to assist stranded motorists by contacting the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office. The county will not attempt to remove a stuck vehicle except to eliminate a safety hazard at the request of law enforcement.