Dust Control

In an effort to provide relief from dusty roads as well as improve stabilization and maintenance of County roads, Pottawatomie County has established a Dust Control Program.  

Dust control is applied annually in May and June.

Dust Control Application

Dust control is available on additional sections of gravel roads for a fee. Applications are accepted through April 22, 2020.  Applications will not be accepted after this date.

Dust Control Program

Pottawatomie County has established a program whereby the residents pay a portion of the cost to apply a dust control treatment.

In 2020, applicants will pay 100% of material cost.  Minimum application length of 500 linear feet is $405.00, then $0.81 per each additional linear foot.  County policy dictates that checks will be cashed upon receipt of the application.

Any County resident who desires dust control must complete the Dust Control Application and pay the total amount due by the application deadline of April 1, 2020.  Residents are required to mark the area to be treated (flags, posts, etc.) showing the starting and ending points.  The total feet of dust control must be continuous, per requested area, unless within a concentrated subdivision.

Dust control will be applied between May 1 and July 15, based upon weather conditions; availability of the materials; and scheduling as determined by the County.

Pottawatomie County will maintain the roadway, as deemed necessary, regardless of application of dust control.  This includes periodic grading.  

The effectiveness of the dust control treatment may vary with weather conditions and traffic volume.  Pottawatomie County will not be held accountable for its performance.