Solid Waste

The Transfer Station will be holding a "Passenger Tire & Refrigeration Appliance Amnesty" during the month of May. From May 1 to June 1 you can drop off passenger tires and refrigeration appliances at no cost. There will be a fee of 50% of the normal rate for all other non-passenger vehicle tires. All loads must be secured or tarped. Transfer Station hours are 8:30 am - 4:15 pm Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays. Business and commercial haulers are excluded from the amnesty program. Please call 785-456-9706 with questions.

Passenger Tire and Refrigeration Appliance Amnesty

Transfer Station
The transfer station is operated to provide for safe disposal of solid waste. The station will accept household hazardous waste, e-waste, construction debris, tires, and used oil.

For detailed listing of prices, view the 2023 Uniform Fee Schedule.

Cash, Check or Credit Cards Accepted

View the Landfill E-Waste (PDF) document for items considered e-waste.

ALL LOADS must be in facility by 4:15 p.m.  NO Exceptions. 

Material Fees

Material Price
Municipal waste
$49.75 per ton
Construction debris
$49.75 per ton
Minimum charge (< 360 lbs)
Recycling & Scale Fee $1.00 per load


Tire Type
Standard car or pickup
$3.00 per tire / $4.00 w/rim
Medium truck, semi or farm tractor (small front)
$8.50 per tire / $12 per rim
Skid loader / fork lift or super single
$10.00 per tire
Small tractor rear / combine
$20.00 per tire
Large tractor rear / combine
$30.00-$50.00 per tire
Commercial equipment
$15 per foot tread-to-tread /
$20 w/rim tread-to-tread
Note: Large tires with rims are charged double.


Material Price
Refrigerant appliances - not certified CFCs removed
Public - grass, leaves limbs (when separated)
                                                   -Small Load
                                                   -Large Load

$5 per small load
$10 per large load
Commercial - grass, leaves, limbs (when separated)
                                                    -Dump Truck/trailer
                                                    -Semi Truck/trailer
$10 per small load
$30 per large load
$50 per XL load
Recyclable, used oil, compost
No charge
Household hazardous wastes
No charge
E-waste No charge
Used Oil over 20 gallons $0.25 per gallon