Solid Waste

Transfer Station
The transfer station is operated to provide for safe disposal of solid waste. The station will accept household hazardous waste, e-waste, construction debris, tires, and used oil.

For a more detailed listing of prices, view the 2023 Uniform Fee Schedule.

Cash, Check or Credit Cards Accepted

View the Landfill E-Waste (PDF) document for items considered e-waste.

ALL LOADS must be in facility by 4:15 p.m.  NO Exceptions. 

Material Fees

Material Price
Municipal waste
$49.75 per ton
Construction debris
$49.75 per ton
Minimum charge (< 360 lbs)
Recycling & Scale Fee $1.00 per load


Tire Type
Standard car or pickup
$3.00 per tire / $4.00 w/rim
Medium truck, semi or farm tractor (small front)
$8.50 per tire / $12 per rim
Skid loader / fork lift or super single
$10.00 per tire
Small tractor rear / combine
$20.00 per tire
Large tractor rear / combine
$30.00-$50.00 per tire
Commercial equipment
$15 per foot tread-to-tread /
$20 w/rim tread-to-tread
Note: Large tires with rims are charged double.


Material Price
Refrigerant appliances - not certified CFCs removed
Public - grass, leaves limbs (when separated)
                                                   -Small Load
                                                   -Large Load

$5 per small load
$10 per large load
Commercial - grass, leaves, limbs (when separated)
                                                    -Dump Truck/trailer
                                                    -Semi Truck/trailer
$10 per small load
$30 per large load
$50 per XL load
Recyclable, used oil, compost
No charge
Household hazardous wastes
No charge
E-waste No charge
Used Oil over 20 gallons $0.25 per gallon