Vehicle Licensing

When to License
You need to come in person to the Treasurer's Office and license your vehicle if you have recently:
  • Bought a New Vehicle
    You have 60 days from purchase date to register your vehicle without penalties.
  • Leased a Vehicle
  • Moved to Kansas
    You have 90 days from the date you established a physical Kansas residence.
  • Moved to Pottawatomie County
    When moving from another county in Kansas, we can process a corrected registration that will change your address. At that time we will provide you a new county decal and registration receipt. There is no fee for a corrected registration transaction.
Note: If you intend to register your vehicle jointly using "and" (i.e. Jane and John Doe), then all parties must be present to sign.
  1. Fees
  2. Payments
  3. Refunds
  4. Renewal Dates
  5. Required Documentation
  6. Transferring Plates
License Fee
New Title
Property Tax
Vehicle Fee Estimator
Record a Vehicle Lien
Registration - Auto $39 - 49
Registration - Trucks $49
Registration - Motorcycles $25
Registration - Motorbikes $20