Pottawatomie Recycling Committee (PRC)

The Pottawatomie Recycling Committee (PRC) is a non-profit group of environmentally-conscious citizens whose goal is to maintain the quality of the environment in Pottawatomie County and to minimize the necessity of placing recyclable resources into landfills throughout the state and/or other states.

PRC is dedicated to educating the public regarding recycling, thereby increasing the quantity of recyclables being collected in the county for reprocessing.

Recycling Locations and what they accept

Olsburg — 2nd and Elm, across from The Farmhouse

cardboard, newspapers, magazines and aluminum cans, glass

Onaga — 9th Street, Fairgrounds
cardboard, aluminum cans, glass, newspapers, magazines      

St. George — St. George Elementary School
cardboard, magazines, newspaper, aluminum cans, glass

Wamego — 4th Street, east of the Dutch Windmill
carboard, magazines, books, newspaper, aluminum cans

Westmoreland — 6th Street, south of the City Shop
cardboard, newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans, glass

Wheaton — Lincoln Street & Main, next to the old church
cardboard, newspapers, magazines, aluminum cans, glass                                                                  

There are separate bulk boxes for newspapers and magazines in these trailers.

A Pottawatomie Recycling Committee (PRC) pamphlet with more information is available here.