Purpose of the Program

Rabies Control aims to prevent human (and domestic animal) exposure to the rabies virus, by initiating control measures including quarantine of biting or bitten animals and recommendations for post-exposure prophylaxis as needed, and order testing of bitten animal when circumstances warrant such as action.

Primary Responsibility

  • Initiate control measures in accordance with Kansas regulations (and in consultation with KDHE epidemiology staff as needed).
  • Investigate or provide consultation to law enforcement's investigation of animal bites.


Services are available to all Pottawatomie County residents.


The cost of capture, transport, quarantine, disposal, and testing of owned animals are considered the owner's responsibility. The cost of capture, transport, disposal, and testing of stray or wild animal is shared by the Sheriff's Office and Health Department. The cost of post-exposure prophylactic treatment is the responsibility of the victim, or may defer to owner of animal.

Rabies Reporting

To report a rabies incident or to gather information contact:
  • City Police Department or 911 for emergencies
  • Local law enforcement
  • Sheriff's Office at 785-457-3481 or 911 for emergencies
The county contracts with a local independent contractor to capture and transport potentially rabid animals. Contact the Health Department for further information.