Purpose of the Program

The Prenatal Education and Resource Program for pregnant women provides support for family, enhanced education, life skills, and resources. This program is a preventative health project designed to serve pregnant women, mothers, and infants. The goals are to promote good health of women during pregnancy by helping them lower risk factors that could lead to low birth weight babies, breastfeed successfully, and connect to parenting resources.

 Program Includes:

* Monitoring baby growth/development    * Coordinate care with doctors

* Weight Checks                                                * Car Seat Program/Education

* Lead Poisoning Prevention                         * Breastfeeding Education/Support

* Multiple Referral Resources                        * Pregnancy Support & Education

The Maternal and Infant support team consists of a registered nurse, dietician, and a case manager that works with the client and client's doctor.  


Any pregnant woman, newborn, or infant that resides in Pottawatomie County.


There are no fees for this program.

Enrollment / Appointments Process

Enrollment can be done at the Pottawatomie County Health Department, WIC clinic sites in Wamego, or home visits. Appointments are monthly or as designated by the Health Department team. Call 785-457-3719 for more information or appointment scheduling.