The purpose of Communicable Disease Control is to monitor infectious or contagious diseases in the county and to prevent the spread of disease to other people. The Health Department investigates possible or known infectious disease, provides information to individuals and the public about disease prevention, and initiates control measures as needed.

Certain diseases are reportable to the state epidemiology department and the Center of Disease Control. Some diseases require extensive investigation of possible source and any other exposures.


All residents in Pottawatomie County are eligible.


There is no cost for investigation, education, or submission of tests to Kansas Department of Health and Environment Laboratory.

After Hours Emergencies

For after hours emergencies contact the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) at 877-427-7317. You will receive a messaging service asking you to leave your number and push # sign when complete.

Rabies Reporting

To report rabies concerns or animal bites contact your local law enforcement immediately, and the Health Department the next business day.