Treasurer's Office

Commercial Motor Vehicle Operators

Starting August 1, 2022 all titles and renewals for commercial motor vehicles will be by appointment only.  Please call 785-457-3681 to set up your appointment.

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You can get in line at the Treasurer’s Office by using QLess.

Sign in on your phone by texting pottco or pott co to 785-264-4188.  You will be notified by text message or you can wait in our waiting room (old commissioner’s room) until you are called to the Treasurer's Office.

You can also get in line before you leave home or work by going to

If you don't sign in before you get to the County Office Building, use the iPad on the east all in the waiting room to sign in. You will be notified by text and an announcement will be made in the waiting room when it is your turn.

Enter the County Office Building through the double doors on the northeast corner of the building.

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If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 785-457-3681.


The Pottawatomie County Treasurer's Office strives to consistently provide the public first-rate customer service.

The office provides services to the public, Pottawatomie County and other taxing entities by:
  • Annual budget reporting for Pottawatomie County taxing subdivisions
  • Collection and daily financial accounting of incoming county funds
  • Collection insufficient funds checks
  • Distribution of monies to taxing districts
  • Driver's license renewals
  • Motor vehicle renewals and titles
  • Prepares and reports motor vehicle, city / county revenue, and local alcohol estimates to the State of Kansas and other taxing subdivisions
  • Records and reports county investments of funds
  • Reporting, preparation, publication, and collection of real and personal tax warrants