Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


The Pottawatomie County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office is the county’s mapping provider. The office creates and updates digital geographic based data. 

Examples of data layers GIS maintains include:

  • Address Points
  • Ag Use
  • Creeks
  • Emergency Districts (fire, rescue, police, ambulance)
  • Historic (trails, schools, cemeteries)
  • Parcel Boundaries
  • Road Centerlines
  • School Districts
  • Subdivisions
  • Taxing Districts
  • Zoning

The GIS data supports the Appraiser, Clerk, Finance, Noxious Weed, Public Works, Sheriff, and Zoning Offices by providing digital data and paper maps.


GIS data also supports the public by providing Interactive Web MapsPrintable PDF MapsCounty Ownership Bookscustom maps, county digital data, and property owner and tract description support.