County Attorney's Office


The Pottawatomie County Attorney is responsible for felony prosecution, misdemeanor prosecution, and domestic battery prosecution. The office is also responsible for handling the following types of cases:
  • Child in need of care cases
  • Mental illness cases
  • Traffic violations 

Mitigating the COVID-19/spread

Please view the Reopening Plan for the Pottawatomie County Justice Center.  

If you have a scheduled court appearance and need to continue your court appearance due to symptoms of illness (fever/coughing), please contact your defense counsel.   

If you do not have an attorney, please contact the Clerk of the District Court at 785-457-3392 to request a continuance.

If you are submitting a diversion application, it is your responsibility to find a Notary Public. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our office will NOT be able to notarize documents. Please contact the Diversion Officer at 785-457-1520 or if you have questions. 
If you are on diversion and have concerns regarding your monthly check-in process, please contact the Diversion Officer at 785-457-1520 or If you are represented by an attorney, please consult your attorney.

Please be advised the County Attorney’s Office is still receiving and reviewing new reports from area law enforcement agencies. Should there be a delay in filing new cases with the Clerk of the District, victims will be notified by phone and/or letter.  As a victim, you are also encouraged to call the Victim Witness Coordinator at 785-457-1527 to check on the status of your case.