Clerk's Office


Starting this week, we will cease all person-to-person services for at least the next two weeks.  County office building, Public Works, and Noxious Weed will be locked and closed to the public.

The County Clerk's Office strongly encourages citizens to maintain social distancing by using the Office's online functions, emailing or calling for assistance.

The County Clerk is an elected position. The Clerk's Office provides the county and citizens a wide range of services:
  • Handles all County Accounts payable
  • Assists with homestead refunds
  • Bonded Indebtedness reports
  • Sets and certify levies
  • Certifies tax rolls to Treasurer
  • Certifies taxing unit maps
  • Houses road records
  • Issue permits and licenses (moving, CMB, occupation and hunting & fishing)
  • County Plan for vacation of road right-of-ways
  • Maintains special assessments to the tax roll
  • Motor Vehicle Abstract
  • Processes abatements / additions to the tax roll
  • Property valuation abstract of assessment rolls
  • Provide veteran grave markers
  • Freedon of Information Officer
  •  County Election Officer:
    • Maintains Voter Records
    • Responsilbe for all aspects of election
  • Secretary to the Board of County Commissioners
    • Attests signatures of commissioners
    • Maintains contracts
    • Takes and maintains minutes

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