Mobile / Manufactured Homes

Mobile / Manufactured Homes Appraisals
State law mandates mobile homes are assessed as of January 1 of each year. If you own the mobile home January 1, then you are responsible for the personal property taxes for that year. If you purchased the mobile home after January 1 of the current year, then the mobile home will not be assessed to you until January 1 of the next year.

State law also mandates that taxpayers report to the county Appraiser’s Office a listing of personal property owned or held by them. This is to be done by March 15 of each year. To make this a little easier, our office mails to each taxpayer with property on the tax roll a listing of their property. The taxpayer simply needs to verify the property listed making any corrections as needed, sign, date, and return to our office by March 15 of each year.

Failure to return this document by March 15 will result in a state law mandated filing penalty of 5% of the assessed value of your property for every 30 days that you are late up to 25%. If you fail to return the listing at all, that is considered to be failure to file and will result in a 50% filing penalty. Our office has no control over these filing penalties as they are mandated by state law.

Tax statements are generated from the Treasurer’s Office around the 1st part of November. You may pay your taxes in full or in halves. The 1st half of taxes is due on or before December 20 with the 2nd half due by May 10. If you do not pay at least the 1st half by December 20, then the whole amount is due immediately and you have lost your opportunity to pay your taxes in halves.

Selling Your Property

If you sell your mobile home during the year, it is imperative that you contact our office with the name and mailing address of the new owner. Please remember that if you sell your mobile home after January 1 of any year, you will still be responsible for the taxes for that year. The mobile home will not be moved to the new owner until January 1 of the next year.

It is crucial that our office has an up to date mailing address for you to ensure that you receive all correspondence including statements of personal property and tax statements.