About Administration
The County Administration Office consists of the County Administrator, County Counselor, Management Assistant / Finance Officer, and Management Assistant / Operations.

County Administrator

The County Administrator is appointed by the elected County Commission and acts as the primary representative for the county in most instances. He is directly responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of county business.

County Counselor
The County Counselor provides legal assistance and advice to the Board of County Commissioners and County Administrator. He drafts and reviews resolutions, contracts, and other documents.

Management Assistant / Finance Officer
The Management Assistant / Finance Officer is responsible for management of the county’s financial operations including budget development, debt management, investment funds, accounting, auditing, purchasing, and payroll assistance.

Management Assistant / Operations

The Management Assistant / Operations is responsible for administering the county’s general public transportation program, overseeing the utility billing structure, inventory management, grant administration, and provides support to the County Administrator.