Pottawatomie County Treasurer Licensing Your Vehicle
  When To License - You need to come in person to the Treasurers Office and license your vehicle if you have recently:
Bought a new vehicle - You have 60 days from purchase date to register your vehicle without penalties.

Leased a vehicle

Moved to Pottawatomie County - When moving from another county in Kansas, we can process a corrected registration that will change your address. At that time we will provide you a new county decal and registration receipt. There is no fee for a corrected registration transaction. 

Moved to Kansas - You have 90 days from the date you established a physical Kansas residence.

Note: If you intend to register your vehicle jointly using "and" (i.e. Jane and John Doe), then all parties must be present to sign.

Transferring A License Plate - If you have sold a vehicle you may be able to transfer that license plate to your new vehicle.
You need your registration from the old vehicle.

The license plate must be current (not expired).

The license must be titled exactly the same way.

Note: You have only 60 days from the purchase date of the new vehicles title to complete this transfer.

What To Bring
Drivers License - KS Drivers License of registered owner(s) must be provided at time of renewal or application for new title.

Proof of Insurance - As of January 1, 2000 everyone is required to show proof of insurance on all motor vehicle transactions.

Proof of Insurance Information - The Insurance Company Name, Policy Number, Effective Dates, Vehicle's Information.
Kansas Law requires that you carry no-fault insurance on all vehicles, except a motorized bicycle.

Sales Receipt or Notarized Bill of Sale - If you buy a vehicle from a Kansas dealer, that dealer will provide you with a sales tax receipt. When purchasing a vehicle from an individual, that individual needs to provide you with a bill of sale, or have the purchase price filled in on the title at the time of sale. This is for sales tax purposes.

Odometer Disclosure Statement - On most vehicles sales, a Federal Odometer Disclosure statement is required. If you have an older Kansas title or an out of state title that doesn't list the odometer statement on the back of the title, a separate odometer disclosure statement may be required.

Note: Newer Kansas titles and Manufactured Statements of Origin (MSO) have an odometer disclosure statement on the title.

Title - When registering a vehicle you must bring the title, or a Manufactured Statement of Origin (MSO), with you to the Treasurer's Office. New Kansas residents need to bring the title and the vehicle with them to the Treasurer's Office. If your title is being held by a lien holder in another state, you must provide us with a certified copy of your title, or have that lien holder fax us a copy of your title.

Kansas Highway Patrol Inspection Slip (MVE -1) - An inspection is required on all out of state titles (not MSO) in order to register that vehicle in Kansas. This inspection verifies that the vehicle's identification number (VIN) is correct on the title. The inspections also consists of checking to make sure the vehicle is not stolen.

Note: The Pottawatomie County Sheriff's Office does VIN inspections Monday - Friday.
There is a $20 cash only fee for the VIN inspection.
For more information call 785-457-3481

Registration - Auto $39.00 - 49.00
Registration - Trucks $49.00
Registration - Motorcycles $25.00
Registration - Motorbikes $20.00
New Title $10.00
Property Tax Call 785-457-3750
Record a Vehicle Lien $1.50
  Payment for your registration and property taxes may be made by cash, check, or credit/debit cards (Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or Amercian Express). Additional fees apply for credit card or debit card use.

Payment is due at the time of process.

Refunds - Under $5.00 will not be issued

Sold Vehicle - You may return the license plate for a refund. Once you have signed the title over you may then turn in the license plate for any funds remaining. You will need your SSN or Federal ID, the name of the person you sold it to, and a Refund Form.

Moved out of State - Property Tax Only - If you have moved out of Kansas, you may be eligible for a partial refund. You will need to send a copy of of your out-of-state Registration, a copy of your out-of-state Drivers License, the plate you are refunding and a Out-of-State Refund Form.