Pottawatomie County Road & Bridge Department


Located: 612 E Campbell, Westmoreland
Shops: 504 Cochrun, Westmoreland
Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:30pm  M-F

Accepts Deliveries 8am - 3:30pm

  The Road & Bridge Division is responsible for over 1,180 miles of road in the unincorporated areas of Pottawatomie County and approximately 1,360 bridge and drainage structures.
  • Dust Control
  • Entrances Existing
  • Entrances New
  • Maps
  • Roads General
  • Road Imprv
  • Utility Installs
Available on gravel roads for a fee.
Applications are taken from the beginning of March until April 1.

Dust Control is applied annually in May and June.

If you received Dust Control last year, an application will be mailed to you for the upcoming year.
Additionally, you can call the Public Works Office 457-3631 to be placed on the mailing list for the upcoming year.

Click here for Dust Control Information.

Landowners requesting the replacement or widening of their entrance must complete the Existing En-trance Modification Application.

No application fee or deposit is required.

The County will replace an approved, existing entrance in need of replacement at the minimum 26 foot length for a $75 installation fee. Price quotes will be provided for additional footage.

Existing Driveway Entrance Modification

Driveway & Field Entrances Policies and Procedures

Entrance Culvert Specifications

Required for all new entrances onto county roads.
Available from the Public Works office and requires an application fee of $50 and a $250 deposit.

The deposit check will be returned upon approval of the completed entrance. The landowner is responsible for obtaining and installing the required culvert pipe.

Landowners wishing to install multiple entrances on the same parcel of land will need to obtain permission from the County Commission. Please contact the County Clerks Office.

Driveway & Field Entrances Policies and Procedures

Driveway Entrance Application

Entrance Culvert Specifications

Driveway Curb Specifications

Pottawatomie County offers a cost share program for individuals wishing to improve a road.
The amount the County will pay (if any) depends on several factors, including current and desired surface as well as location and traffic patterns.

The improvements shall be constructed to minimum roadway standards by a private contractor hired by the landowner.

Where the County has dedicated easements recorded in the county road records, but there is no visible road within the easements, the improvements shall be paid 100% by the requesting landowner.

Where the County has dedicated easements recorded in the county road records and there is an existing grass or dirt road within the easement, the County shall reimburse the landowner up to 50% of the low-est contractor's estimate.

Any public or private utility desiring to install said utility within County right-of-way, must complete a utility agreement.

A Permit to Install Utility Services must be on file with Public Works before any work is started.

Utilities and/or their installation crews shall be responsible for any damages caused to County property.

Click here for Permit to install Utility Services in Pottawatomie County.